We are a close group of 3 creative, dedicated women who are involved in the design, marketing and packaging of every NIKITA product.
We are a small yet effective team who understands the importance of kind, genuine customer service and quality of product.
We have recently settled into an impressive new studio and warehouse space in Kent, England to accommodate our continuous online growth and expanding product collections.
Niki, our founder and director with an educational background in 3D modelling and an obsessive interest in all things fashion, designs each new jewellery piece herself based on both personal preference and in-depth research.
Niki has trusted her instincts over the years to design innovative and exciting pieces our customers will love, that are otherwise impossible to find in local high street stores.
We vow to create unique products with superior quality, as opposed to chasing fleeting trends. We want to provide timeless products that can be enjoyed every day and cherished forever.
We aim to empower women through uplifting pieces with affirmations that they can wear or use with pride and remind them how incredible they are.
We aren't just another online brand, but a lifestyle and a movement of unapologetic, powerful female energy out to make an impact within the jewellery industry by bringing waterproof, quality-plated, inspiring jewellery designs as well as quirky, must-have home décor.
What sets us apart is our desire to remind people of their worth and our genuine efforts to improve every aspect of our processes, customer service and product designs each year by listening to our customers' feedback.
Since rebranding in Summer 2022, it is important to us to exude a more mature, established and powerful side of the brand. What started as a bedroom business has truly evolved over the years. We're still a small team but we have a certain vibe that is no longer 'small business', but one that is experienced, reviewed extensively and can be trusted to provide quality products with excellent customer service and sustainable practices, alongside a defiant, empowering brand message.



Niki Mahon started NIKITA at 23 years of age in 2015 after completing a degree she was in no way passionate about and was feeling somewhat lost in her career. She had always been incredibly creative, interested in fashion and grew up knowing her name would one day be a brand.
Whilst working full time, Niki began selling unwanted clothes and jewellery online and felt a spark when packaging and sending goods to buyers.

Without telling a soul, Niki began designing the website and sourcing trending statement jewellery to later sell on Instagram to see if the dream could become a reality.
Nikita By Niki became one of the first UK jewellery stores selling on Instagram at the time and through sharing the behind the scenes and honest ups and downs of her entrepreneurial journey, she gained more and more social media followers who soon became loyal customers.
After years of juggling a full time job and running a business, Niki was finally able to hand in her notice and pursue the business fully. It was all or nothing!

Coming from South Asian heritage, pursuing a career outside of the more conventional paths most definitely raised some eyebrows, but unapologetically, Niki kept her head down and pursued her dream.
Fast forward to now, NIKITA is comprised of exclusive, copyrighted jewellery and homeware designs which are available worldwide across multiple platforms and is recognised by major retailers and stockists.
The company is now run by a small yet established team in an awesome new studio and warehouse and Niki literally springs out of bed each morning excited to innovate.
She is so grateful for every single customer that has ever purchased with NIKITA and has trusted her company with their order.
She is a huge advocate for women empowering women and loves to see others go against the grain and step into their power.

She has recently rebooted her podcast G̶I̶R̶L̶ BOSS and invites people in to listen to insightful conversations with other credible women in business in the hope to further inspire and ignite a fire in her audience.