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why I chose to rebrand my company

Myself and my team spent 2022 working on our rebrand behind the scenes in the hope to launch NIKITA before the busy Christmas period.

This included a brand new website, a new and improved podcast, exciting new jewellery designs and homeware products, new eco-friendly packaging, new product photography, new editorial imagery, changing over our social media pages as well as a true focus on sustainability.

It was something I knew I needed to do once I felt myself lose my connection with the brand as it was. I started Nikita By Niki at the age of 23 and my style was very different at that time to what it is now. I reached a point where I no longer identified with the old branding, website layout and many of the products.

I turned 30 this year and the last few years have been pivotal in terms of my overall mindset and approach to feminism, self-worth and and uplifting other women. It's something I've always exuded on my social platforms but didn't quite translate into my brand, website and products as much as I would have liked. I felt a desire for change and the idea came to me at the beginning of the new year and we got to work!

It's felt invigorating to make these improvements to the brand these past months. I noticed I have felt the same fire in my belly as I did when I first created the company in 2014, a feeling which I thought I'd lost as the business grew from my baby into its own entity across many platforms.

A large part of this rebrand is that we want to move away from the small business narrative. Although I am proud of these humble beginnings, now in 2022 when you buy from NIKITA, you are no longer purchasing from a young girl trying her best in her bedroom at her parents' house, you are buying from a trusted, extensively reviewed, experienced, verified and established company championing women of all ages and creating unique, sustainable designs.

Now our customers can enjoy the best of both worlds, we are still a small team providing kind, genuine customer service but you can now shop with the security of knowing your item is unique, sustainable, of great quality, well packaged and will be delivered quickly.

It's been such a fulfilling journey transforming our website, packaging and overall brand message and I've honestly never felt more alive or proud of the NIKITA brand.

I welcome you to the new website and cannot wait to share what else we have in store.

Thank you in advance for your support on this new venture!


This was something I had contemplated for over 3 years and I finally decided to take the plunge. I've had a public page on Instagram for my entire twenties and have for the most part enjoyed it, however I have felt for a long time that my page lacked a clear focus.
When I posted about my business, I felt guilty about those who followed me for my personal life and if I posted about my personal life, I felt guilty that I was not showing my products and putting them at the forefront.
This change of direction with my page will give me the much needed focus and will allow me to truly express myself as a proud founder, something I have felt I've not been able to do authentically for some years.
I will still be the face of my brand on our new Instagram page but there will be more emphasis on the entrepreneurial journey, our new products and behind the scenes and less of my personal life.
For those that have followed my personal page @nikimahon from the beginning of my venture, I wholeheartedly cannot thank you enough for your support and for sticking around this past decade whilst I navigated the everchanging algorithm and found my authentic self through lots of trial and error. It's been so much fun sharing my life with you and I especially enjoyed our morning chats throughout the lockdowns and sharing my wedding highlights this year.
It still feels surreal, even after all of these years, when people actually follow me and trust me enough to purchase items from my brand.
For those who have purchased with Nikita By Niki from its launch in 2015, thank you for believeing in me and changing the course of my entire life. Now it's my turn to uplift you and remind you how powerful YOU are through this new branding, product messaging and podcast episodes. I'm genuinely so proud of how far we have come.

what's to come?

We are working to continue expanding our product range by creating exciting, empowering designs. We will be sharing more of our journey as a team as well as fun, style-based content to help our customers get the most out of their NIKITA jewellery.
There will also be new G̶I̶R̶L̶ BOSS podcast episodes every week as well as new playlists, blogs and wallpapers to keep you uplifted.

Niki Mahon
Founder & CEO of NIKITA


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