At NIKITA every day is Women's day! We look to create a powerful movement of unapologetic, fearless women who persue their dreams.

So International Women's day is no different for us, except we are going to truly immerse ourselves in this years theme: "Celebrating women who tell our stories" and introduce you to some inspiring and innovative South Asian women in business that we have had the pleasure of speaking to on the G̶I̶R̶L̶ BOSS podcast.

You can listen to their entrepreneurial journey's podcast here.


Starting off with the Founder and CEO of online jewellery and homeware brand NIKITA, and host of the G̶I̶R̶L̶ BOSS podcast, Niki Mahon.

Coming from South Asian heritage, persuing a career outside of the more conventional paths most definitely raised some eyebrows, but Niki continued to persue her dream of creating her brand NIKITA.

Niki is a huge advocate for empowering women so created her brand around uplifting women with unique homeware, and powerful jewellery pieces that they can wear with pride.

Niki designs each new piece herself and especially enjoyed creating the Empowered Collection which is comprised of meaningful jewellery with affirmations to remind women of how incredible they are. She ensures that they are of superior quality so that her pieces are timeless and can be cherished forever.


Gold weightlifting champion, Karenjeet is the First British Sikh Female to represent Great Britain at the World and the European Championships.

Karenjeet's speaks about her mission is to make women all around the world feel empowered – both physically and mentally, and questions the stigmas surrounding women and weightlifting.

Listen to Karenjeet's podcast episode here.


Full-time creator, presenter and social media consultant Tanvi is extremely passionate about raising awareness for gender and racial equality in the world and particuarly within the fashion, media and sports industries.

Our conversation with Tanvi expresses the struggles of balancing work, side hustles and social life, as well as the pressures of social media and navigating cancel culture.

Listen to Tanvi's podcast episode here.


Nima was fuelled to create Mindful Champs from her passion for mindfulness, and her aim is to guide others on how to manage and understand their emotions to help improve their quality of life.

Nima's openness on this podcast about her personal experience with grief and feeling self concious is so enlightening, it will inspire others to see the positives in allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

Listen to Nima's podcast episode here.


Management consultant and part time content creator Farah is passionate about accurately representing the South Asian experience in mainstream media and inspiring women to prioritise their own purpose despite their cultural norms.

Farah and Niki discuss keeping consistant on social media whilst working a full time job, and preventing burnout. As well as confidence and inspiring young women in the South Asian community to talk more and take the leap to pursue your dreams.

Listen to Farah's podcast episode here.


Best friends Anj and Pri have worked together to grow their Instagram account by sharing beauty and fashion tips. Inspiring others to continue to pursue your creative outlet outside of your more serious profession.

On this podcast the two women stress the importance of maintaining friendships and keeping a strong support system around you.

Listen to Anj and Pri's podcast episode here.


Lifestyle and Desi fashion blogger Anjli, relays the realities of becoming a step-parent, divorce and working a full time job as a contect creator. Our refreshing conversation with Anjili touches on accountability and staying true to your values and keeping your independance.

Listen to Anjli's podcast episode here.


Influencer Jigna has created a safe space on her social media platforms, as her pages not only consist of fashion and beauty content but she also creates invaluable content which normalises, not complying to societies given timelines.

Being rasied in a South Asian community Jigna discusses with us the pressures to marry and the judgement that may be recieved if it does not work out, and dealing with the negatives and trolls of social media.

Listen to Jigna's podcast episode here.


Beauty influencer Shaz has built her following with not just her beauty content but with her honesty and showing the realities of motherhood and everyday life.

Speaking with Shaz we unravel topics of motherhood, postnatal depression and staying authentic on social media.

Listen to Shaz's podcast episode here.


Sisters Simi and Sam founded Temple of Incense from their love of incense. The two sisters share their business journey, from starting on a small stall at Portebello market to being stocked among many stores across the country.

We learn their take on working with family, the ups, downs and inevitable challenges of running a business.

Listen to Simi and Sam's podcast episode here.

We are very grateful to have had these insightful conversations with such credible women, they have all made such an impact on other women and we are so excited to see what they have next in store.

We invite you to listen to these podcast episodes on G̶I̶R̶L̶ BOSS and can guarentee that they will inspire and ignite a fire in you!