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International women's day 2024

The theme "Inspire Inclusion" for International Women's Day in 2024 highlights the importance of creating spaces where all women feel valued and empowered, regardless of their background. It encourages us, as young women, to champion diversity and foster environments that celebrate the unique contributions of women from all walks of life. "Inspire Inclusion" reminds us to amplify the voices of those who have been marginalized and to advocate for equality and acceptance in our communities and beyond. By embracing inclusivity and celebrating diversity, we can inspire positive change and create a world where every woman feels seen, heard, and empowered to reach her full potential.

In celebration of International Women's Day, we're excited to present our Top 5 products, specially curated to empower and inspire women everywhere...

"I am divine" pendant necklace

The creation of our "I AM DIVINE" female body pendant is deeply rooted in the concept of the divine feminine, making it a fitting accessory for this year's International Women's Day. Embodying the sacred and nurturing aspects of womanhood, this pendant serves as a tangible expression of reverence for the feminine energy present in all of us. Its design celebrates the interconnectedness of women across cultures and generations, honouring the divine essence within each individual. By wearing this pendant, women can embrace their inherent power and beauty while promoting a sense of unity and empowerment among themselves and within their communities. It's a meaningful adornment that encourages women to embrace their authenticity and stand tall in their divine feminine energy.

"i am a queen" pendant necklace

Our "I AM A QUEEN" pendant necklace is a perfect choice for International Women's Day, symbolising strength, courage, and determination. Reflecting the unwavering spirit and resilience of women everywhere, this necklace serves as a powerful reminder of their innate power and potential. By wearing this pendant, women can celebrate their individuality and embrace their ability to overcome obstacles and lead with confidence. It's a meaningful accessory that encourages women to stand tall, support each other, and strive for equality in all aspects of life.

"i am enough" cuff bracelet

Our "I am enough" affirmation cuff bracelet is the perfect accessory for International Women's Day, aligning with this year's theme of "Inspire Inclusion." By wearing this bracelet, women affirm their self-worth and embrace the importance of self-love and acceptance. This simple yet powerful message encourages women to recognise their inherent value and to stand confidently in their authenticity. It serves as a reminder that every woman is deserving of respect, recognition, and equal opportunities, contributing to the broader goal of fostering inclusivity and empowerment for women worldwide.

Empowering Candles

Our "Ignite Your Inner Power" and "This Girl is on Fire" empowering frosted glass candles are ideal for International Women's Day, resonating deeply with this year's theme of "Inspire Inclusion." These candles serve as powerful symbols of empowerment, encouraging women to tap into their inner strength and confidence. The uplifting messages on each candle evoke a sense of empowerment and determination, inspiring women to embrace their unique abilities and to pursue their dreams fearlessly. By lighting these candles, women can create a space of positivity and empowerment, fostering inclusivity and solidarity among women of all backgrounds and identities.


Our Merch hoodies and sweatshirts are perfect for International Women's Day, echoing the theme of "Inspire Inclusion." They serve as bold statements of empowerment and resilience, celebrating the strength and dignity of women. The queen illustration symbolises leadership and confidence, while the powerful quote serves as a reminder that women have the power to overcome any obstacle they encounter. By wearing these items, women can embrace their inner strength and inspire others to do the same, fostering unity and empowerment within the global community of women.

As we celebrate International Women's Day, let's honor the resilience, achievements, and diversity of women worldwide. Join us in empowering women by shopping our inspiring collections. Together, let's continue to break barriers, uplift one another, and create a more inclusive and equitable world for all. Shop now and be a part of the movement towards positive change.

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